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Room 4a - Barachiel

Room Features

  • Queen-sized bed
  • No bathroom
  • No TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • 2 windows
  • Easy Access to Room 5 and Room 5 bathroom
  • Must be booked with Room 5

Who is Saint Barachiel

Saint Barachiel is a Seraphim class angel (guardians of Gods throne) and is described as one of the angelic princes in the 3rd book of Enche. He also know as the chief of the guardian angles and may be prayed to for all of the benefits one recieves from their guardian angel. . In the book of Tobit he was sent by God to heal Tobiah from blindness and free Sarah (Tobiahs future wife) from the demon Asmodeus.

Saint Raphael is the patron saint of family and married life

Feast Day: November 8

Saint Barachiel on ground with rose pedals falling