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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your website show current availability?

Yes! Our website and reservation system work together in current time and what you see as available on our site is what is currently available. But if you run into any issues or have further questions or just want help picking a room please call us! (Note that we do have a 2 night minimum on weekends and most holidays.)

Do we have to share a bathroom/Is there a private bathroom?

You do not have to share a bathroom with other guests. We have done work to the house to ensure that each room has an en suite bathroom for your comfort and convenience. In the past the typical bed and breakfast had shared bathrooms for guests in the house to use and some still operate this way.

Are we going to be in your living space?

Yes and no. We (the innkeepers) do live in the house as that is part of what makes us a bed and breakfast. However, we do have a private wing of the house as we have children and like to maintain some privacy for our family. However, you will see us in and out of the old wing of the house the bed and breakfast is housed in. We love to chat with guests, but we don’t invade your space if you prefer a quieter stay.

Keep in mind that while we provide space for guests to use and we welcome you to make yourself at home you are staying in our home. Please be mindful of that.

Is breakfast included?

Yes. We offer a continental breakfast that includes: coffee, tea, muffins, bagels, cereal, oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt (when available). We are unable to provide a hot breakfast at this time.

Is there wifi?

Yes. We provide free wifi available to registered guests.

Is there TV?

Yes. Each room has a TV and we provide internet streaming services.

Is there cell phone service?

There is only some AT&T service currently in the village where we are located. However, a short drive in either direction will bring you to service. Also, if you enable Wi-Fi calling on your phone ahead of time you will be able to make calls via our Wi-Fi internet. We also have a landline phone.

If using a cell phone GPS simply start your GPS while in service and it will continue working when service ends. But don’t forget, because it won’t be able to start outside of service.

Is there anything in walking distance?

Yes. There are several local businesses as well as the public library a very short walk from our house: Jacksonville General Store, North River Bakery, First Stop Convenience, and Jacksonville Country Store. For more places to visit check our Area Attractions.

Can I bring my pet?

We love pets, but we cannot accept pets at our bed and breakfast. We have our own dog in our private area of the house and he is fenced in the back yard. We of course allow true service dogs, but this does not include emotional support animals (as these are not service dogs).

Do you have somewhere we can keep our bicycles/skis/snowboard?

We have a shed on the property that if you let us know ahead of time we can make sure has room for your bikes. However, you are responsible for your own bike and we are not responsible for theft or damage. We suggest bringing your own bike lock.

For skis/snowboards you may bring them into your room or they can be on the front covered porch.

Is there air conditioning?

In the Summer there is an air conditioner in each guest room.

Is there a thermostat in the room?

No. However, for Winter some of our guest rooms have electric fireplace heaters that you can turn on if you are chilly. The Engel House is an old house and only has thermostats in the common areas. In order to keep all guests comfortable we have these thermostats locked at a comfortable temperature. Call us if you have questions.

Is there a refrigerator we can use?

If you are bringing a lot that needs to be kept cool we recommend bringing a cooler. We have a small ice maker and the local stores sell ice. For small things like a drink or two or a leftover box we have a small refrigerator for breakfast in the dining room. We do not guarantee space in it.

I have specific needs. How do I know The Engel House is a good fit for me?

Please always call and ask us questions about your particular needs (for example: quieter room, warmer/colder room, downstairs room, etc.) so we can help or recommend the right room for you. If we can’t meet your needs we will do our best to help you find something or somewhere that does.

Can we get ready for our wedding here?

Please see our wedding policies and options here. You will need to communicate with the innkeepers before making your plans. Booking a room does not automatically allow for things like wedding preparations and photos, and requires permission and charges.