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We would love to help with your big day any way we can. This means making sure we understand your needs and you making sure you understand that as a bed and breakfast you are staying in our home. Please contact us to ask questions before making your plans so we can best suit your needs. We don’t want you to run into issues on your big day because of communication issues!

Simple Room Block

No extra charge. If rooms are not booked by a certain date rooms will become available to book outside the wedding. Wedding guests are treated and should act as regular guests. NO non registered guests will be allowed and NO wedding preparations are allowed. Please call us with questions prior to stay.

Whole House Booking

In order to have full use of the house there is a fee as well as a requirement to rent all rooms (whether or not you will fill all the rooms). This allows for wedding prep such as hair and make-up, photographs, flower arrangements, etc. to be done at the house. This prevents other guests from disrupting your preparations as well as keeping a wedding from disrupting guests at the house who are not part of your big day. If you plan to have people who are not registered guests come to the house we will need to discuss how many extra people and what we will
need for that to happen. If you are unsure if your plans will fit this description please don’t hesitate to ask!

Entire Property Booking

For a fee as well as rental of all rooms and a required purchase of an insurance policy we can host a small event on our property for you. This allows use of the house and property as well as the ability to bring in outside vendors or amenities such as tents, caterers, party guests etc. You will need to communicate with the innkeepers for availability, further policies, and price information.